How to make a moving avatar

To make a moving avatar is kind of making a movie.
Take a lot of pictures and show them vast after each other

First thing you need to make is a basic roster in paint.
The size of the roster is the size of your avatar. So dont make it to big.
The size im using is 75X75 pixels (this is very small in paint, you'll need to zoom in big time):

Then you make the first frame, in my case four squares.
You can do this by using the fill option in paint. As you see filling up all the little squars may take some time.

The next step is to add and take things.
What you need to keep in mind is where you want to end up.
The tricky part of this is that at some point you need to be where you started.
What you can do is go half way and go back in reverse order, this is the easy way.
Or you continue till you are where you started. This may take some time and counting.
Especaly when you want to end up in a word or a complex figure.



RESULT (how to make this will follow)
On the left avtatar are the frames as posted above. On the right avatar are the same frames but also reversed back to the beginning. Note the differance in speed too.

When you are making the frames the best way to store them is as: .gif or .bmp (.jpg can mess up some coulors some times)
Also number them in the order you want to have them (like frame1, frame2, etc). This saves alot of time when you're going to make the moving .gif file.
When you save the file in paint say: "save as" rather then "save" this way you can give it the right save-name and you can continue drawing right away without loading the last frame everytime.

To make my avatars I used a program called: Easy Gif Animator. There are lot of other programs available (animation shop 3, gif creator, gif contruction set) each with its pro's and con's.
I will use Easy Gif Animator as example.

Start the program and click on Create New Animation

Then click on Add Image and select the "frames" you want to add. In my case that is frame52 till frame57. Here you can see that naming them in order is handy, they will be placed in the right order.

Click on Open and Next. In the next screen you can select if the frames should be played infinitely or ??? times.
You can also select how long each frame is displayed. I used 0,12 sec. Its helpfull to try a couple of different speeds to see what you like most.

Then select: "Top left corner of the frame". If this does not work you need to try some other things :)

Last click on Next and Finish
Now that you have added all the frames you can still change the order they appear in and the time they are displayed and a couple of other things. Just play around a bit.

Last thing to do is save the file as a .gif (file --> save as) and you're done