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Some movies of homemade stuff
of cource: copyright: ME (and a couple of other studends)

The first movie is a project I've done for college called NEMO (in Amsterdam)

The purpose of what we build is that CHILDREN can learn from it by doing a quiz.
It ment to make clear what matirial is magnetizable and what is not. To make this clear we made
a mini crane with a electronic magnet. After asking a question the crane will show (and so proof) the awnser.
Everything we made and programmed our selves (crane, magnet, quiz, etc etc)
It all worked.....Altough the crane could use some oil as you can hear.
Out of more then 15 teams we came in second (but we should be number 1)

the second movie is yet another project for school.

It is a boat that can motor around two bouys all by it self. It also had to look good so it could be sold.
So we made our Knight ryder boat.
Out of 16 teams (that means 16 boats) Two sunk and no one managed to motor around the bouys.
This all becouse of a foolish mistake made by our school and lack of experience of us.
In the boat there is a servo (and some controlls) as a tiller, a engine (duh), and two ultrasonic receivers
(The two tall thingies on each side, made out of pvc tube).
And some controlls with some software. on the outside there is a servicehatch (a film container)
This way we can program the bout without opening it all up.
But be honest, ain't it cool ?

The third movie is my proof that my home made mouse trap works.

The trap in the movie is a prototype in this movie you can see the final version (without actor).
Almost everything is made from plexiglass. You can now see clearly how it works. The weight of the mouse presses a switch wich will turn on a motor.
That will pull a pin and make a door shut, the other switches prefent the motor from keep running all the time.